Joint Statement From UW and UCD Shelter Medicine Programs on Commitment to Fighting Against Systemic Oppression

We also honor the deep commitment to caring and compassion expressed by so many in the animal welfare and veterinary professions. To be part of the solution to the violence and racism that threaten our society is a natural expression of that caring. At the same time, we recognize that inequality is embedded in our field as it is throughout our society. People of color disproportionately perform the hardest and lowest paid work in many shelters, and marginalized communities bear the brunt of animal management practices that perpetuate systemic inequalities.

As individuals, many of us have protested policies and practices we don’t agree with and advocated for a more just and kind society. The size and passion of the protests that have erupted in the wake of George Floyd’s murder may be a once-in-a-generation moment to affect change collectively.

We have work to do, and we are committed to doing that work.

Read more about our commitments here.